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The Best Diesel Fuel Discount Programs | Multi Service ...

(1 days ago) The Rebate Network of Multi Service Fuel Card is another one of the best diesel fuel discount programs on the market. We saw the need for a discount program that benefited the small to medium sized carriers- not just the carriers with fleets of over 100 trucks.


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Fuel Discounts for Truckers & Fleets | TCS Fuel Discount ...

(2 days ago) The TransConnect (TCS) Fuel Card provides fuel discounts for truckers that can add up to big fuel savings over time. TCS clients can save an average of 41 cents* a gallon when they fuel up at more than 1,000 of our nationwide in-network locations.


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Fuel Program | TSD Logistics - Freight Services for Bulk ...

(1 days ago) TSD is now offering an amazing fuel card program to anyone who purchases diesel fuel. You can also download the EFS Card Control app on your phone. Then enter your card number and pin This app will keep track of all of your EFS charges and show you estimated prices after discount for all locations close to you that accept EFS. EFS Card Control App


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Discount Fuel - How to Save Money on Fuel with This Fuel ...

(1 days ago) This is a new fuel card program that offers amazing diesel fuel discounts to anyone who purchases diesel fuel regularly. Whether you are an RVer with a diesel motorhome, or own a diesel truck, you can apply for this program and start saving big on your fuel bills. Who runs this fuel discount program?


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This diesel fuel savings program is for real - RV Travel

(2 days ago) The plan, called the TSD RV Fuel Program, is brought to you by a trucking company out of Texas. Here’s the gig: TSD Logistics had a fleet of big rigs, and they negotiated with many truck stop companies to get a discount on their fleet fuel. Of course, the more they bought, the greater the discounts would be.


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RV Fuel Discounts | FMCA

(1 days ago) The TCS Fuel Discount card is a cash secured card offering fuel discounts at in-network locations throughout the United States. The card is only good for discounts on over-the-road diesel fuel at in-network locations. There is no transaction fee when used within the network.


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Fuel Card for Trucking, Save 25¢ Per Gallon | RTS Carrier ...

(2 days ago) The flexibility and scale of the RTS Carrier Services fuel card program can save your company thousands of dollars a year. In addition to substantial savings at Pilot Flying J stations nationwide, our exclusive RTS Plus network includes discounts at hundreds of additional fuel stops, including Sapp Bros., Casey's and more. Save 25¢ per Gallon


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Best 7 Fuel Card Services USA (November 2020)

(1 days ago) RTS Financial's single gas card program – the RTS Fuel Card – has been designed specifically for truckers and trucking fleets, with major discounts on diesel, and the ability to integrate with ProTransport fleet management software for trucks (which provides real-time GPS tracking, ETA alerts, and geofencing).


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Good Sam tells Pilot/Flying J to end big diesel discounts ...

(1 days ago) So for our money, we’ll continue to use the TSD RV Discount program. Matter of fact, just across town from us today, Love’s diesel with our TSD discount card is $2.405 per gallon. At the Pilot station a few blocks away, the posted price is $2.959 cash price. Knock off a few cents for the Good Sam discount and we’re still miles ahead.


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Fleet Fuel Cards and Fuel Payment Solutions From EFS

(2 days ago) Designed for fleets of 1 to 25 trucks, the Fleet One EDGE card allows you to access the largest fuel discount network in the U.S.—3,600 sites nationwide—to provide an average savings of 15 cents per gallon of diesel.


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Fuelman Diesel Fuel Cards for Truckers & Owner Operators ...

(2 days ago) Whether you have a large fleet or are an owner-operator, these fleet cards are the top-rated fuel cards for trucking companies. They provide savings specifically for diesel fuel, and are accepted at most high-volume gas pumps.


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FTS Plus | Fuel Savings

(1 days ago) FTS Fuel Discounts Fuel is the number one cost for long-haul trucking companies. If you are a small company, fuel discount programs may not have been available to you in the past. With the FTS Fuel Discount Card, you can save money on your top expenses and become more competitive.


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Pilot RV Plus

(1 days ago) Discounts of at least $.05 off every gallon of gas and $.08 off every gallon of diesel in the United States. Discounts of at least $.01 off every liter of gas and $.01 off every liter of diesel in Canada. Over 750 locations and counting Fuel up at more than 750 locations in the US and Canada.


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Fuel Discount Program for Truckers - Discount Fuel Cards ...

(2 days ago) DISCOUNT FUEL CARD PROGRAM Now you can get excited about fuel prices! Discount fuel cards can be a major asset to your trucking business and can make a huge impact for owner-operators. The largest expense in the trucking industry is diesel fuel, by a landslide.


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6 Best Fuel Cards For Truckers & Trucking Companies

(1 days ago) Of course, the fact that fuel cards can only be used to purchase fuel and repair/maintenance services means that fuel cards are much less flexible than credit cards. Additionally, rewards programs associated with fuel cards tend to be more limited than those of credit cards, as only certain gas stations participate in said rewards programs.


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Love's Express Credit Billing Program

(1 days ago) Contact an Application Specialist to discuss a customized fuel program today! Apply Now at 1-844-417-2300 or email LovesCETsales@loves.com to get started. Love's Express Billing Program provides professional drivers with consistent, competitive pricing and no transaction fees. It also eliminates the hassle of using cash or personal credit cards ...


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8 Gas Station Loyalty Programs That Can Save You Money on Fuel

(1 days ago) Earn one point for every diesel gallon purchased. When it’s time to redeem, one point equals 1¢. Shell Fuel Rewards: Save at least 5¢ per gallon on every fill-up. Earn more points toward gas discounts by shopping with partner retailers. Speedway Speedy Rewards: Get 10 points per gallon of fuel and 20 points per dollar spent on merchandise.


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Instant Discounts | Fuel Discounts | Good Sam Club

(1 days ago) Get fuel discounts and instant discounts on gas, diesel, propane, dump station fees and more at select Pilot or Flying J locations with your Good Sam Club card.


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Diesel Fuel Discount Program - Best Coupon Codes

(3 days ago) (2 days ago) There is a new diesel fuel discount program offered by TSD Logistics that gives substantial discounts at EFS locations (Love's, T/A, Flying J, etc). Program details TSD Fuel Discount Program They claim average savings of.20¢ to.40¢ per gallon. https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29932076.cfm


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Apex TCS Fuel Card | Truckers Get HUGE Discounts on Fuel

(1 days ago) The Apex Fuel Card Program, with help from our fuel card partner TransConnect Services (TCS), is a comprehensive fuel card for trucking companies large or small. Providing the money-saving diesel fuel discounts you want and the fuel management tools needed to find the best fuel prices across the United States and Canada.


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Pay with GasBuddy - Apply Now for Our Discount Program Gas ...

(1 days ago) Pay with GasBuddy offers major fuel savings on every gallon of gas you pump. When you join Pay with GasBuddy for free you will save up to 25¢ per gallon on every fill-up. Keep an eye out for additional seasonal and station-specific promotions throughout the year to save even more at the pump.


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Fleet One EDGE Card For Fuel Savings and Discounts

(1 days ago) Give your fleet the edge. In a world of tight budgets and schedules, every dollar and minute counts towards giving your fleet an edge. That’s why we are introducing the Fleet One EDGE card, designed for fleets with 1-25 trucks, to give your fleet the ability to go that extra mile.. The Fleet One EDGE advantage:


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Additional TA Petro Discounts | Get Fuel Discounts at TA ...

(1 days ago) Diesel Fuel Discounts. TA and Petro Discounts. Discounts at TA Truck Service. When you get the TCS fuel card, you can get discounts on fuel nationwide. But your trucking company doesn’t just need fuel. TCS clients get extra discounts on truck service, tires and maintenance at TA Truck Service® Centers nationwide. In addition to the TCS ...


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Fuel Discounts, Tire Discounts, Finance and ... - OTRSavings

(4 days ago) About Our Fuel Rebate Program. Members of OTRSaving Network have taken control of their fuel costs by using the OTR group diesel fuel discounts and strategies. The OTRSavings diesel fuel discount program has maximized our member's fuel discounts and lowered their total cost for fuel, one of your fleet’s largest expenses. It is a must, for fleets of any size, to understand how fuel is priced ...


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RV Fuel Station Discount Card Saves $$$$ - RV Inspection ...

(1 days ago) In fact, as more RVers join the program, the company is able to buy diesel fuel at even better volume discounted prices. This means that the cost of RV diesel fuel can continue to drop even further at the pump as more people join the program. The only limitation is the discount is only available on diesel fuel.


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Profit Tools Fuel Discount Program

(4 days ago) Over 20,000 trucks are being dispatched through the Profit Tools software daily. That’s a lot of fuel and a lot of buying power! These enormous volumes have enabled us to negotiate deals with major national chains. The result? Large discounts for our customers.


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Fuel Rewards From Marathon | MakeItCount™

(1 days ago) MakeItCount™ is an exciting new fuel rewards program from Marathon, featuring points that can be used to earn discounts. Start earning points today!


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Save Big Bucks On Diesel for Your RV with the TSD ...

(1 days ago) In 2019, they decided to open their fuel program to RVer’s and they have been growing ever since. With more fuel being purchased, they are able to continuously negotiate better rates with truck stops. The fuel card is currently available to anyone who purchases diesel from truck stops. It can not be used at RV pumps or normal car pumps but ...


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Save Big on RV Diesel in the Truck Lanes! | Changing Lanes

(1 days ago) The amount of discount varies from day to day and location to location, but in the few times we've used it, we have been saving over 40 cents per gallon! We've seen this discount at both Loves and Pilot locations so far. To cover the administrative expenses and maybe make a few bucks on the program, TSD Logistics keeps 10% of the discount. So ...


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Best Rewards Program On The Road - Love's

(1 days ago) Bring your own cup, mug, or container – up to 44 ounces. Fuel at least 50 gallons for your free drink credit. Better yet, earn Diamond or Platinum status and drinks are free every day, all month long! Clean Up With Free Showers. Don’t pay a dime to get rid of the grime! Earn a free shower credit when you fuel at least 50 gallons.


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Fuel Services and Axle Fuel Card for Fleets

(1 days ago) Focus on the road ahead. We’ve got your back. The Axle Fuel Card™ gives fleets the fuel they need to keep going. It is accepted at more than 950 locations in the U.S. and Canada, including Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, the One9 Fuel Network and at Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers. Apply Online Terms & Conditions


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Gas Discounts, Rewards and Promotions | Exxon and Mobil

(2 days ago) Make the most of every gallon with promotions and programs from Exxon and Mobil. Save on gas, snacks and more with the Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ program Sign up now and score 15 points per gallon for 30 days plus 100 bonus points.*


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Good Sam Club Open Roads Forum: TSD Diesel Fuel Discount ...

(6 days ago) There is a new diesel fuel discount program offered by TSD Logistics that gives substantial discounts at EFS locations (Love's, T/A, Flying J, etc). Program details TSD Fuel Discount Program They claim average savings of .20¢ to .40¢ per gallon.


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TSD Logistics Fuel Card – Camper Chronicles

(1 days ago) TSD Logistics offers RVrs access to their fuel program, and the savings are pretty spectacular. Before I go any further, I want to stress that this is NOT a credit card. It is NOT a membership program. It is NOT for gas. It is for diesel fuel ONLY, so if you do not purchase diesel, then you can stop reading here.Or, you can keep going so you can tell all your diesel buying friends about it!


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Fuel Discount Loyalty Programs | Types & Discounts ...

(1 days ago) EasyFuel offers a discount on fuel with a difference. With this program, you can even accumulate the discount until you have enough to save 20c per litre on a 50L tank of fuel. The list of places where you can earn points is long and diverse, but most are generally independent, family-owned businesses.


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Diesel Fuel Card - DAT

(1 days ago) Save on More Than Just Diesel. DAT Fuel Card is accepted at over 6,400 locations, with discounts from 2¢ to 20¢ per gallon.You also get the FTS Plus+ benefit program, with discounts on everything from tires, trucks, parts and breakdown services to health benefits, software, wireless service and fleet management. Call 800-621-2404 for info.


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Pilot Flying J Fuel Card, Save 12¢/Gallon, Factoring

(1 days ago) Fuel Card Program. Substantial savings on diesel fuel. Mexican Trucking Factoring. Factoring for trucking companies operating in Mexico. Software. RTS Pro. Mobile and web app for factoring, fuel discounts, credit reports and more. ProTransport. All-in-one fleet management software. More Factoring Solutions.


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Multi Service OTR Fuel Card | Multi Service Fuel Card

(2 days ago) The best over-the-road fuel card made specifically for fleets. A fuel card for truckers; t he Powerful Card® ha s helped OTR fleets and owner operators to purchase fuel since 1978. It provides a generous fuel-focused line of credit, access to fuel discounts, and dedicated online purchase controls that help maximize efficiency.


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TSD Fuel Program - General RV Information - Escapees ...

(10 days ago) Loves fuel stations in SE Texas are dirty, have unusable bathrooms, diesel fuel on the ground and the customers look like criminals. They probably are just working people. I just paid $2.26 a gallon for diesel and $1.64 for unleaded at a local Exxon. My brother in law uses that discount at Loves but he has a Motorhome and he uses his bathroom


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Shell Fuel Discount Program - National Office > ABC

(3 days ago) See how the Shell Fleet Plus fuel card program can advance your business and get information about the application process by calling 1-888-260-0886. Shell Fleet Plus Card Control expenses, save money, and manage your fuel program more efficiently while taking advantage of our tiered rebates.


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The Best Fuel Cards for Truckers: Reviewed and Ranked

(1 days ago) Fuel cards help you better manage the cost of topping up your trucking fleet, while also keeping your truckers' fuel spending in check. And when the average yearly cost of operating a commercial truck comes in at an eye-watering $180,000, closely managing those dollars and cents is a must.. But which fuel card program is right for your trucking fleet?


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Best Gas Discount Cards for Business Fleet Fuel Savings ...

(2 days ago) A good fuel card program can cut fuel costs by reducing unwanted employee spending. Our recommended discount fuel cards provide even more value by offering cash-back or discount pricing when you buy gas for your business. Each fleet card has different savings and acceptance, so click “Learn More” to read about the benefits of each card.


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RV.Net Open Roads Forum: What's the best "Diesel" rewards ...

(4 days ago) I'd like to apply for a new gas card or credit card that will offer the best cash, discounts, or reward points possible. Since I'm fulltiming, I'd expect to use a lot of diesel gas and I don't mind patronizing Loves or Flying J to get the best deal, but I've noticed that Loves claims to have 330 locations and Pilot / Flying J claims to have 550 locations. My travels so far look like Loves has ...


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Big-fleet discounts finally coming to small-fleet ...

(3 days ago) Start with a new fuel discount program that will offer ONE20 members (membership is free) discounts up to 55 cents per gallon at some locations. Many of the discounts will be closer to 20 cents per gallon, but they will be available at some 2,000 retail locations across the country, including the major truck stop chains.


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Best Fuel Cards | Ampol, Shell, 7-Eleven, BP - Canstar Blue

(1 days ago) Its fuel discounts include 4c per litre off Premium petrol (Amplify 95 & 98), 3c per litre off Amplify diesel, as well as 2c per litre on regular petrol and diesel. Costing just $2.95 a month per card, an AmpolCard may be well worth the investment for businesses constantly on the go.


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RV.Net : Good Sam Club Creates Special Discount Program on ...

(1 months ago) Love's Travel Stops website check lists current gas and diesel prices for each location; prices are updated on a daily basis. In addition to the fuel discounts, Love's provides members with a 10% discount on all quick-serve restaurant purchases made inside any Love's Travel Stop.


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TSD LOGISTICS INC - Fuel Card Application - Step 1

(1 days ago) Fuel Card Application - Step 1. Please complete all fields and click Submit.


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