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Actived: Tuesday Nov 24, 2020


Coupon Code Compliance: Warning Signs of Risks & Abuse

Let’s say you negotiated a special partnership with an affiliate. In exchange for being featured in the affiliate’s “Top Deals” on their homepage, you provide the affiliate with a unique code that includes an extra discount (your normal discount code is 20% off, but you gave them a 25% off code).

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5 Signs of Coupon Code Abuse and Neglect

Coupon code abuse by affiliates and other websites can hurt brand equity and the bottom line. We discuss early warnings of these behaviors for marketers. (your normal discount code is 20% off, but you gave a 25% off code to Affiliate A). To balance out that extra discount, Affiliate A takes a lower commission than normal.

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Coupon Code Compliance: Preventive Measures - BrandVerity

This prevents other affiliates from profiteering off of the specialty code. In other cases, a merchant may want to prevent all of its affiliates from earning commissions off of certain codes. In these scenarios, the system simply ignores all affiliate relationships entirely—granting no commission at all.

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Coupon Code Compliance: Risks & Threats of Coupon Codes

No coupon sites existed. No bargain shopping blog was widespread. Merchants were the channel for coupons. The “Content Race” of Coupon Sites. One of the first coupon code websites, Coupon Mountain, launched in 2001 following the adoption of coupon codes at retail websites. The idea made sense: web-savvy shoppers wanted a place to find coupons.

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How to Monitor Coupon Codes

After our recent post on threats and risks in coupon code channels, we figured it would be useful to follow up with some insight into how companies can monitor coupon codes. We believe that these methods, though somewhat limited, can help a company at least start to get its codes in check: Manual Search. While certainly not an ideal solution, savvy searchers can find a fair amount of

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Quick and Easy Tactics to Keep Your Affiliates in Check in Q4

Who are these exceptions? What keywords are they allowed to bid on and what behavior is the exception they are being granted? For coupon codes, are your brand's coupon codes affiliate-specific? For example, does Affiliate A only get to show Coupon Code A on their site and no one else can? 3. Review enforcement thresholds. Going into the holiday

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5 Ways to Keep your Affiliate Program Fraud-Free

He said affiliates love deals, coupons, and information about new products. He recommended sending out regular newsletters with content to help affiliates pre-sell products to merchants. #4 Be transparent about your accountability process.

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4 Signs that You Are Under Attack by Trademark Bidders

For longer tail brand terms like brand plus terms (e.g. “[brand] coupons”), you’re more likely to find trademark bidders and higher CPCs. In general though, you can use $0.20 or under as a good baseline CPC.

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Retail’s Most Abused Brands in PPC

2 Specifically in Q1 of 2017, trademark bidders did the following damage to 25 of the top online retailers: Stole 2.5 millions clicks Diverted 126,000 customers

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Pharma’s Real World Compliance Challenges in Paid Search

As companies run these ads, some ads run in a truncated format. Below is an example of a truncated ad with the headline ending in an ellipsis. If this were an ad with a disclosure or the name of a drug with the generic name cut off, the ad would be out of compliance.

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