Solved: Like many I'm getting NOW tv no longer supported o

@Chris23 . Netcast LG TV from 2014 or earlier? Your TV will have been putting up notices about this for the last few weeks. All older devices get dropped in time, as the makers of apps decline to support any longer the lack of function, capability, security, and processing power, in older devices for the minority, at the expense of the majority with more recent devices without these

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Unable to apply coupon code - NOW TV Community

OK so I fixed the issue. I don't know which step helped but here's what worked for me: 1) fix system time in Windows (my NTP server was off) 2) use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome

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why aren't there any deals for existing customers - NOW TV

@rausan Welcome to the forum.. Whilst I can't do anything about NOW TV's new customer offers, it's worth when you go to cancel a pass and are asked why you are leaving choosing the option for it costs too much, more often than not you are offered a deal which you might be tempted by.

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How can I close my account and remove my details - Now TV

However, I can 100% assure you that once the auto renew is switched off you will not be charged a penny for the service. Regards Shannon NOW TV Team Tags (1) Tags: can someone contact me asap. opened account now box I want to close my account and remove bank details will be deleting direct debit tonight

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Tesco clubcard vouchers - NOW TV Community

Tried to find out if they would use the credit rather than take money off my card; couldn't get into chat and twitter ignored for 2 days. BUT they did use the credit so the whole saga has finally worked out. I only risked just enough vouchers so will have to do it again next month - I've no other use for the tesco vouchers so might as well.

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Re: Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - NOW TV Community

Apart from the Tesco Clubcard vouchers come in handy, Tesco also regularly send in the post to their Clubcard members coupons to use in store, where i always tend to use their £4 or £3 coupon off a £30 spend to add a NowTV Gift card to my basket 😀. Like the Tesco slogan says "Every Little Helps" 😀.

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Smart Box Offer!!! - NOW TV Community

Crikey @Andy.I just got an e-mail from NowTV saying "Andy (Legend) has mentioned you in a post".I thought, "Hello, that self-publicity machine I bought him for Christmas must have been opened early!!!"Seriously, Mon Ami, thanks for the kind wishes and the same, right back at your good self. Just an addition to the post about the Smart Box.Sainsbugs are doing the Black Box with a two

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About gbjr - NOW TV Community

Off-Topic Chat; Sign In Help. Sign In NOW TV Community: About gbjr; gbjr. Advocate View Badges. My Stats . 2 Solutions Latest posts by gbjr. Subject Views Posted Re: Unable to apply coupon code Offers & Vouchers. 422 ‎13-05-2020 19:31: Unable to apply coupon code Offers & Vouchers. 431 ‎13-05-2020 18:53: View All. Activity Feed. Posted

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About EugeneFraxby - NOW TV Community

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Unable to load sign in - NOW TV Community

@Hannah14 & Other Samsung Smart TV users. Guys . I noticed on my TV that Samsung had updated it's Smart TV Operating System, and if this is the reason the Now TV app will no longer work then we will have to wait until the app itself is updated. Simply because it is highly unlikely that Samsung will modify it's OS just to accommodate the Now TV app.. In the meantime, someone should contact

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