2 Time-Tested Retail Sales Promotions That Drive Foot Traffic and …

Flat sales on the whole stock, for instance, “50% off of the entire stock until…” is a perfect promotional pricing tactic that will increase foot traffic of both new and regular customers. However, you need to keep in mind that large markdown sales must be backed by well-crafted and properly positioned advertising or promotional campaigns.

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Painless Ways to Save Money

Avoid going off the grocery list. Make a list of the household items before going shopping and stick to that list at all costs. Never be afraid to ask for a discount. Ask for discounted prices and bargains when shopping. The Internet is filled with instructions on how to fix or refurbish almost anything. Try fixing old stuff instead of buying

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Personal Finance Tips That Will Change the Way You Think About …

If you are in debt, prioritize paying it off. Utilize coupons and internet promotional discount opportunities as frequently as possible. Ensure you have an adequate understanding of stocks and other financial factors before you invest in them. Refrain from dreaming of an inheritance to solve your financial difficulties. This is pointless.

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Ways to Save Money on Clothing and Still Look Good

Clipping coupons is an age-old process that every savvy shopper has used to save money; some people have even managed to make couponing a business. Besides publications, the Internet is another place you can find amazing coupons and discounts. Many retailers will have coupons or deals online that you can use to shop on their site or in the store.

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7 Ways to Have a Successful Restaurant Complete …

To attract customers dining in, provide them with exclusive discount coupons or free delivery on the first order. Always greet every customer with a warm, friendly smile and provide timely delivery. Retaining customers can increase sales by 25-125%, according to a Harvard study.

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7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant a Success Complete Controller

Create brand awareness and increase the use of engaging and quality content. Provide people with discount coupons and offer take-out and delivery options. If your restaurant has a unique dish or something that makes you stand out from other restaurants, make sure to feature these highlights on your website and social media prominently. Upsell

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5 Great Tax Tips Any Freelancer Can Apply to Their Business

You can also write off some of the car repairs if they become necessary. Check the IRS website to find out how many cents per mile you can write off for business-related car use. You must keep detailed mileage accounts for business about car use to get the most out of this valuable deduction.

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