How UPC Bar Codes Work HowStuffWorks

If you look at the coupon code, you can see that the coupon's bar code starts with a 5 to indicate that it is a coupon. The 43000 is Post's manufacturer ID. The next three digits (186) are called the family code. The next two digits (70) are a value code. The final …

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Cell-phone Codes HowStuffWorks

These codes are used to identify the phone, the phone's owner and the service provider. Let's say you have a cell phone, you turn it on and someone tries to call you. Here's what happens to the call: When you first power up the phone, it listens for an SID (see …

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The Uber-popular Aeron Chair Was First Made for Grandma

Nowadays, she's spending even more time behind a desk getting startup Official Coupon Code off the ground and relies on her beloved Aeron to prevent some of the aches that threaten to accompany sedentary workdays. "The most important thing is that it doesn't put any pressure on the back of my legs, which many regular chairs do," she says.

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Do I really need a digital converter box for my TV

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, administers a program that offers $40 coupons toward the purchase of a converter box. Households that request these coupons may qualify for up to two coupons each. You can learn more at the program at DTV - 2009.

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Do portable TV's still work

For the first month and a half after the transition to digital TV broadcasting, each U.S. household was entitled to two $40-off coupons to buy digital-to-analog converter boxes, and some 34.7 million households accepted this offer.

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How GPS Phones Work HowStuffWorks

How GPS Phones Work. The iPhone uses GPS, WiFi and cellular towers to pinpoint your location and provide directions. Imagine driving to a job interview and realizing that you're lost. Your first impulse would probably be to call the business that's interviewing you and ask for directions. But if you're not sure where you are, getting directions

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How Digital Wallets Work HowStuffWorks

Contrast that with server-side wallets; for example, Visa's V.me digital wallet. Instead of storing data to your own hard drive, all of your wallet data is stored and maintained by Visa on the company's secure computers.. Visit a V.me-supported retail site, and your checkout process is extremely quick. Just type your personal V.me e-mail address and password, and the order is complete.

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What's the difference between RFID and NFC

RFID is a one-trick tech: A reader detects and pulls information from a tag. That's about the extent of these systems. NFC is more complex. As you just read, NFC duplicates RFID's feat by reading smart tags, thanks to its read/write operation mode. But in addition to read/write capabilities, NFC has two other modes, both of which involve dynamic, two-way communication: card emulation and P2P

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How Fabric Displays Work HowStuffWorks

The fabric display has three layers. The bottom layer is conductive, which means it can carry electricity from a power source -- like a small battery pack -- to the rest of the fabric to create an electrostatic field across the fur, which gives each strand of fur the same electrical charge. Advertisement.

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5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone HowStuffWorks

1: OmniFocus. Simple time management devices may be good for some people but others may want a cross-platform uber-manager -- and OmniFocus fits the bill. OmniFocus gives users the option of tracking tasks by date, person, place or project. Subroutines include shopping lists, meeting agenda items, and a …

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10 Mobile Apps for Fashionistas HowStuffWorks

Beauty superstore Sephora is a playground for the fashion-conscious. After all, nothing finishes off a great ensemble like the right lip gloss or perfume.The Sephora to Go app helps you make purchases when you're on the move and also enhances your in-store experience; one feature of the app allows you to scan barcodes in your local Sephora store, which brings up more information about the product.

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