Payment Terms Examples

Coupons - These have certain terms, such as a certain quantity has to be purchased or if the customer is past a certain age; Disability discount - Offer to customers with a disability; Discount card - Issuing cards that give certain customers or any customer a discount; Educational or student discount - Usually given to students, but may go to

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Examples of Assimilation: 6 Types Explained

If you have a supermarket purchasing card and receive customized coupons as the checkout, those coupons were selected for you using data assimilation based on what you purchased that day as well as what you have bought from that retailer in the past. Mastering Types of Assimilation.

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Opportunity Cost Examples

The opportunity cost is having the electricity turned off, having to pay an activation fee and late charges. You might also have food in the fridge that gets ruined and that would add to the total cost. As a consultant, you get $75 an hour. Instead of working one night, you go to …

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Marginal Utility Examples

If you have several coupons for the same item but only plan to purchase one of that item, there is zero marginal utility in having those extra coupons. A family of five purchases tickets to an amusement park, and is told there is a "buy five, get the sixth one free" sale.

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