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Employee Discounts

WebYes but we are off budget, paid by the selling of postage and under our unique union contracts so we miss out on normal federal benefits like an area based cost …

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Salary negotiation, counter, offer then changed offer

WebI asked HR about match for time off based on years of non-gov experience (8 hrs vs 4) to make up the diff and countered with 6. Things went weird here- The counter …

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Firm Offer Problems

WebBut if I really wanted to go there it probably wouldn't cross my mind. I think you have 2 years to get off it of some sort of probation. frankgonzalez #4 Posted : …

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New Postal Health Benefits Program starts Jan 1, 2025

WebMedical/Surgical/Mental health and substance abuse care. You pay nothing after coinsurance expenses total: $3,500 per person or $5,000 family for services of PPO …

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Firm Offer Letter

WebRank: Member. Groups: Registered. Joined: 8/16/2017 (UTC) Posts: 19. Location: NY. Thanks: 1 times. I just received my firm offer letter for my new career with …

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line of travel change

WebI own the longest route in the station and it is 2.5-3 hrs over every day. The line of travel has been the same for at least 4-5 years because I held the same job down …

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Happy "NEW" Holiday

WebRank: Senior Member. Groups: Registered. Joined: 2/13/2013 (UTC) Posts: 749. Thanks: 242 times. Was thanked: 142 time (s) in 102 post (s) Thank God for the …

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Problems using new TSP site

WebTSP cut me off round about the 8th hour, just about 15 minutes before their declared COB. Considering that their sole audience are current and former federal …

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Remove a union rep

WebFour of us have no confidence in our rep. The fifth is the rep. You four guys go and talk to your rep. Tell him what you've written here. Tell him you want him to resign …

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Recall vs. On Call

WebHonestly, claiming 15-30-60-120 minutes on my time card is not worth the disruption to my off time, but it would have to be significant enough that it gets attention. …

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OCONUS Service Agreement

WebSo. here's where the lying bast@rds were off the rails. Below are the actual cases. The CBCA is the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, which has jurisdiction over …

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When do I clock in

WebExample, punching out of a CS bid at 5pm and starting your MP job 5 hours later at 10pm. In that case you could take a day of Annual. "That wouldn't give me a lot of …

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Administration of COVID Telework and RDO

WebIt is legal. I work a Maxiflex schedule..just need to work 80 hours in the pay period..I could work 10 hour days and take a couple of days off a pay period. As it …

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GS Promotion with no Military

WebThe Department of Defense (DoD) is charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national …

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Right of Return/End of Overseas Tour

WebThe Department of Defense is America's oldest and largest government agency -tracing its roots back to pre-Revolutionary times. Today, the Department is not …

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