11 Major Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs Marketing

A customer loyalty program in the form of incentives and low prices could amplify the sale of your business during the off-season. It would customers a reason to do shopping. Businesses and companies launch limited-time offers and rewards during the off-season to increase the customers’ activity. Competitive Edger Over Competitors

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Coupons. Rewards; Free merchandise; Although businesses are a little cautious when giving off extras, it’s a tactic that doesn’t have to be costly. What’s more, loyalty programs’ members spend almost 18% more than ordinary customers. Probably you are thinking about how the investment vs. the perk will play out.

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What is Brochure Marketing

A time-limited offer will not only give the customers value, but it will get them off the fence which is why it is an important element of marketing brochures. Brochure Marketing Strategies Since brochures are the most widely used marketing tool, it is basically about what you want your audience to do.

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What is Mobile Commerece

What is Mobile Commerce? Mobile commerce or M-commerce is the process of conducting online transactions, paying bills, sale & purchase of products, and internet banking by using wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. M-commerce has been increasing for the past few years, and security issues have also been resolved along with it.

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