12 Best Freelance Translation Jobs Sites to Work at Home is the largest marketplace for language professionals. You’ll find a bit of everything here. The platform has a lot of features, including invoicing, forums and some courses, but the main reason freelance translators join is for the jobs board.

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The Right Way to Use Email for Giving Discounts to

Example, once a customer buys $1000 worth of products, they get $10 off their next order, $20/$2000, $30/$3000 etc. I don’t talk about this, so it is always a pleasant surprise for them. April Greer says: March 20, 2013 at 9:26 pm Mike, Great ideas as always! Thanks for sharing. April. Deirdre McKenna says:

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12 Sure-fire ways to be happier as a freelance designer

Say I’ve designed a direct mail piece for a restaurant. If my client tells me that she got a ton of coupons back and a big jump in foot traffic, that spikes my DHQ for sure! Making my clients happy and improving their business makes me happy and improves my business. Win-Win! 12) Find the joy in the small details of design. Bringing order to

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How I keep from drowning in email -

First off, it’s critical to become an expert in using all the features provided by your email client to manage your inbox. These include: flagging messages as spam, creating filters, setting up rules, and; utilizing autoresponders. But sometimes the features that come with your favorite email program aren’t enough.

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5 Super Fun (and Easy) Marketing Tips for Your Design Business

6. Bonus tip! I got my first 20 design clients in 48 hours. I walked into local stores and pitched them my big idea; and once I discovered I didn’t shrivel up and die after my first refusal, it became a lot of fun!Read : How I got my first 20 Clients in Under 48 Hours

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