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Donate to Social Causes with Rewards, Coupons, Surveys

P&G Good Everyday offers more than just Coupons, Promo Codes, Reward Points & Gift Cards. Take quizzes to earn rewards we donate on your behalf. Find deals on Fabric Care, Pampers, Grooming, Health & Beauty, Period products many more from P&G Good Everyday. Find coupons …

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Tide Loads of Hope: A Sense of Normalcy in Times of Crisis.

Through the Tide Cleaners network of brick-and-mortar stores and drop-off locker locations, the team delivered a huge impact, including more than 104,000 front-line responder visits and more than 1.8 million garments of laundry cleaned.

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How2Recycle Labelling to P&G Products P&G Good Everyday

Read more about how P&G has launched How2Recycle labelling across many of our products, making it easier to recycle in a way that brings the most benefit to the planet. This recycling labels soon you can see on many of P&G brands what to recycle and how2recycle by looking at these labels to help eliminate the guesswork.

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Operation Homefront Helps Military Families P&G Good

Alongside Operation Homefront, P&G is here to help provide strength, stability and comfort. Since 2016, P&G has donated more than $6.3 million in cash and in-kind donations to Operation Homefront, helping military families who struggle to make ends meet. The partnership is furthering Operation Homefront’s ability to make tremendous positive

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How to Volunteer During The COVID-19 Pandemic P&G Good

Take Action on P&G Good Everyday. By taking simple actions on P&G Good Everyday, such as scanning a receipt or taking a quick survey, you can support a range of COVID-19 response efforts — and help us do even more good. If you select the COVID-19: P&G + Feeding America ® cause, you can join us in providing up to 25,000 meals to people in need.

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My Black Is Beautiful: The Women Behind the Movement P&G

My Black Is Beautiful: The Women Behind the Movement. The women of My Black Is Beautiful share their personal stories and perspectives on racial bias and social injustice — and their inspiration and vision for brand-building. Since 2006, My Black Is Beautiful has empowered, celebrated and ignited meaningful dialogue around the topics of

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Always #LIKEAGIRL: How It All Started P&G Good Everyday

That’s why Always has been on a mission to change the perception of “like a girl.” In 2014, we kicked off an epic battle to make sure girls everywhere maintain their confidence throughout puberty and beyond by showing them that doing things #LIKEAGIRL is downright amazing. Since then, we’ve turned a simple phrase into a powerful movement.

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6 Environmental Projects for The Whole Family to Educate

These 6 environmental projects will reduce your family’s carbon footprint and teach your kids important lessons about conservation. List of eco-friendly environmental projects that your family should know and learn more about how to protect the environment join with P&G Good Everyday to help nature to make eco-friendly.

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7 Recycling Tips: Beyond the Basics Ideas Everyone Should

First, scrape off or remove any food leftovers or liquid. Then add a drop of Dawn Ultra Dish Soap and a small amount of water to containers and jugs, and swish vigorously for a few seconds before rinsing. Crush metal cans and squash plastic bottles to squeeze out excess air, and flatten cardboard boxes. 7. Think Beyond Paper, Tin and Glass.

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Always Helps #EndPeriodPoverty Campaign to Provide

Always believes that every girl should have access to period protection. That’s why since August 2018, the Always #EndPeriodPoverty program has donated more than 32 million period products to girls in the United States with help from Feeding America ®, participating retailers, local organizations and people around the country.. And with over 200 million pads donated to girls around the

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Help Community, Gender Equality, Rescue Animals, Period

P&G Good Everyday Initiatives in the USA like bird & animal rescue, clean drinking water, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, reducing plastic waste, and period poverty. #genderequality #environmentalsustainability #savewildlife Visit to know more details. Together, we’re creating a …

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Tips for Adopting a Pet & Download Pet Ready Guide P&G

Stock up on Supplies. For both dogs and cats, you’ll want to purchase plenty of toys, comfortable bedding, metal or ceramic food and water bowls, and high-quality pet food. Dogs will also need a collar and leash, as well as a crate. For a new cat, consider a scratching post or kitty tree to help keep them engaged and entertained.

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Small Actions at Home Can Make a Difference

Small acts at home can make a big impact. According to our study, 1 72% of people want to do more to be sustainable at home and nearly 90% of parents are inspired by their children to do so. But fewer than half of people make environmentally conscious choices at home as often as they’d like. For most people, “not knowing how” is the

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About Our Mission

That’s the goal of the P&G Good Everyday program: to come together and do good. P&G is a group of individuals with friends and neighbors and families, just like you. We work to make products that make everyday life a little better. We show up to help those who need it. We value equality and inclusion.

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Her Campus & Aussie Help Young Entrepreneurs to Realize

Her Campus and Aussie launched the Aussie Business Plan Competition to help students and recent graduates start or grow their own businesses. “We wanted this business plan competition to be different,” says Western, so they recruited Gen Z entrepreneurs who weren’t your typical startup competition candidates.

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Good News on Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, Clean

P&G Good Everyday is teaming up with brands in giving back to communities, helping on #cleanwater #diversityandinclusion #genderequality #plasticstrwas, find more good news on …

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QUIZ: Who Does the Heavy Lifting at Chore Time

QUIZ: Who Does the Heavy Lifting at Chore Time? Let’s find out! Take the quiz to earn 10 points. For most couples and families, housework is not divided evenly and fairly — resulting in what’s commonly called the chore gap. Test your knowledge about this imbalance and learn how you can close the chore gap in your home.

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IBR Celebrates 50 Years of Saving Wildlife

JD: International Bird Rescue came to be after a very large oil spill outside of the Golden Gate Bridge in January of 1971. Alice Berkner, who was a registered nurse, helped coalesce a group of volunteers. She took the rigors and protocols of human medicine and established a way to help, bird by bird, while working with the oil company to find a solution, rather than picketing against them.

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10 Easy Ways You Can Be Sustainable at Home

10 Easy Ways When it comes to preserving and protecting our planet, it’s the little things we do every day that really add up and can make a world of difference. Try incorporating some of these small, simple actions into your home routine and be part of a much larger global sustainability movement. You Can Be Sustainable at Home and Make a

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Athletes’ Acts of Good Inspire P&G’s Campaign

Athletes’ Acts of Good Inspire P&G’s Campaign for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Watch our new films and read stories about U.S. Olympic athletes who are making a positive difference in their local communities. Inspired by athletes who are not only achieving athletic greatness but also taking action for good in their local communities, P&G is

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Meet the People Infusing Their Communities with Love and

People all over the United States seem to have gotten the message — 71% of those surveyed by the World Giving Index helped a stranger in need in 2020. A nonprofit survey found 90% helped others by running errands, calling, texting and sending care packages. Many people needed a boost last year in one way or another and obliging good neighbors

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8 Ways to Lead with Love in the New Year

Instead of making resolutions, let’s make 2021 the year of resolve. Here are eight ways you can Lead with Love to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Do simple acts of good. This year, P&G and our brands are committing to doing 2,021 acts of good for our communities, for equality and for the planet.

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