How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

7. Customer loyalty. If there’s one good starting point for insights into customer satisfaction, it’s customer loyalty. The behavior of returning customers and new customers providing you with good reviews is your first insight into their loyalty. Of course, this can also be integrated with questions in a survey after purchase.

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What’s the average survey response rate

Dirk Heerwegh’s 2005 study into personalized invites for online surveys (e.g. ‘Dear John’ as opposed to ‘Dear Customer’) concluded that personalized survey invites increased response rates by 7.8%. In addition, respondents that received these invites were 2.6% less likely to drop off before completing all survey questions.

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How Boot Camp Digital uses a quiz funnel to generate online …

Krista: “ Boot Camp Digital is an agency specialized in social media and digital marketing training. Our customers consist mainly out of marketers, and they offer corporate training programmes, certifications, online and live class training. The training programs differ from the competition as they are very practical and action-oriented.

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