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21 Genius Retail Store Marketing & Promotion Ideas For

10% (or 15% or 20%!) off entire purchase (WOW!) $20 birthday gift certificate; You want your prospects to see your special offer and think: That’s a DEAL. Definitely stopping in there! Which is why you want to put your special offer on ALL of your retail marketing materials. FREE report: 128 proven-to-work special offers you can use.

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22 Beauty Salon Promotions For More New Clients

10% off ANY service; 25% off any retail product; $59 for Swedish massage or facial ; Another smart idea: Grab this FREE download with more beauty salon promotions than you can dream up: FREE report: 128 special offers proven to create leads AND sales! Now that you have a USP and special offer your prospects will jump at, check out #4… 4.

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Direct Mail Advertising Postcard Printing Largo, FL

Limited-time only coupons develop a sense of urgency in the recipient to request the free water analysis; The Results 3 sales for $20,000 in income in just 1 mailing!! In just 1 mailing, they have received 8 leads and 3 sales! These have generated $20,000 in income!!

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146 Genius Real Estate Postcard Mailers You Should Steal

We make probably $150,000–$200,000 a year off of that campaign! RE/MAX Realtec Group, Donna L. Miller I credit 2-3 sales per year due to my calendars which is approximately $20,000-$30,000 in income.

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Magic Midways PostcardMania

A coupon for $5 off; In addition, Magic Midways purchased a mailing list from PostcardMania to increase the success of their children’s carnival direct mail marketing campaign. They mailed their postcard to a list of 18,000 addresses in the radius around the event with incomes between 35-75k. This list also excluded college students in their

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How I Grew My Small Business — the REAL Story

Tell me in the comments below, or email me at Call my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 to talk about how you can grow your business — the consultation is 100% cost- and obligation-free! Best, Joy. Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804.

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22 Genius Thinking of Selling Your Home Postcards for …

22. Show your special offers are money-saving coupons . Everybody L-O-V-E-S saving money, so why not frame your special offers as coupons on your thinking of selling your home postcard? Check out this example: When your prospects receive this thinking of selling postcard in the mail, they’ll immediately KNOW they can save money by contacting you!

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22 Restaurant Marketing Ideas For More Regular Customers

A pop-up on your website can give your online leads your special offer (like a BOGO or 10% off their meal) BEFORE they leave your site… This strategy also allows you to collect prospects’ email addresses so you can follow up with them later, giving them even more coupons/promotions, always inviting them back in to eat at your restaurant.

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PostcardMania Jeweler Reviews & Complaints: 11 Client Reviews

We had a 1.8% response rate and made $55,000 off the cards we mailed and 270 came in from sales clerks passing out to help close sales. These passed-out cards accounted for $110,000 in sales! These passed-out cards accounted for $110,000 in sales!

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25 Dead Simple Landscape Marketing Ideas to Increase New

RESPONSE: 17 new clients (worth a minimum of $960 per season = $16320) – multiply this times 7.3 years (the average length of time he retains a client) and he will be making about $119,136 off of this $2200 postcard campaign. Also picked up a snow plow contract for an HOA and a landscaping/mowing contract for 3 apartment complexes!

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Direct Mail Advertising Postcard Printing Lanham, MD

Our marketing experts worked with Molly Maid to develop a direct mail campaign that targeted upper-middle class residents of Lanham, MD. Their direct mail campaign delivered results because: The “FREE ESTIMATE” and “$25 OFFcoupons perk interest in someone with a messy home. They build credibility by providing photos of their cleaning

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15 Brilliant Auto Repair Marketing/Direct Mail Postcard

57 coupons redeemed — 45 of them brand-new customers! TopDog Parts, Megan Huff. Alex Perkins is always responds promptly and is very friendly and helpful. We were probably not the easiest people to work with and she was great! :) Professional Auto Technicians, Midge Wakefield.

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8 B2B Direct Mail Marketing Ideas For More New Clients

2. Generate a whopping $22,500 in revenue from your b2b direct mail marketing. When you measure the results from your b2b direct mail campaign, you need to measure by MONEY in the door —. Aka, return on investment (ROI). Just ask our client who generated $22,500 in revenue from the leads from their b2b direct mail campaign — a 543% return

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22 Brilliant Tax Preparation Direct Mail Postcard

At PostcardMania, we do more than create results-driven postcards. We’re a full-service marketing company that helps small business with every aspect of their marketing strategies. If you are an accountant or tax preparer looking for marketing ideas and you’re reading this, you’re on the right track! Just call our consultants at 1-800-628

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Jump-Start Spring Sales with these 4 Easy Marketing Ideas

68% of consumers say coupons generate loyalty (RetailMeNot) Giving away a little bit to keep your customer base happy is WELL worth it! You could host a customers-only event or a secret sale, or send direct mail to everyone in your database with a special discount off your product or service as a “thank you” for being a loyal customer! 3.

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5 Brilliant Automotive Detailing Direct Mail Postcard

Phil said that we have had three coupons redeemed today with two more appointments for today. Thank you, thank you. Dan R’s Automotive, D. R. We had a little issue with graphics, communication on a design change. Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804. Products and Services.

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Direct Mail Advertising Postcard Printing Edmonds, WA

An offer of 10% off when you spend $25 or more. The biggest contributor to this campaign’s success was the fact that they integrated their direct mail with digital advertising. After receiving the postcard in the mail and visiting their website, every repeated follow up ad exposure helps cement Country Farms’ advertising in the recipient

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