The Best Furnace of 2020 |

Why we chose it Efficiency. If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient furnace on the market, we think Trane is your best bet. Its top-of-the-line models are as good as it gets: up to 97.3% AFUE, ENERGY STAR® certified, and state-of-the-art modulating valves (which increases efficiency even more).

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The Best Kitchen Faucets -

Delta’s faucets (averaging $350–$400) could be cousins to American Standard’s. They’re also classic and versatile, but the overall design personality is a little bolder. These faucets will still fit into any kitchen, but the sculpted designs give off a more youthful energy and draw more attention than American Standard faucets. High-tech

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Read the Fine Print Before Signing Up for the New Regal

Regal Movies announced Regal Unlimited Monday, a subscription service that allows you to watch unlimited movies in theaters starting at $18 a month. However, buyers beware: You might want to read the fine print before you sign up for this subscription. A staffer was so excited for Regal Unlimited that he signed up almost as soon as it was announced.

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The Best Cheap Travel Insurance of 2020 |

In that same vein, the company’s LX plan includes $10,000 for search and rescue, so you’ll be fully covered even while you’re off the grid. We also like that IMG insures up to $2,000 (or $500 per day) for sports equipment rentals — it was the only company we saw that does so.

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Cinch Review -

Cinch offers home warranty services for an extensive list of appliances and systems. Customers can get coverage on anything from their washer/dryer to their built-in whirlpool tub. Depending on your needs, there are three different plans to choose from that are affordably priced. Customers can also choose between a $100, $125, or $500 deductible.

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The Best Carpet Cleaners -

The Best Carpet Cleaners Whether it’s for tackling the mud your kids trailed in or just annual touching up, a carpet cleaner is designed to remove deep stains and bacteria, and preserve your carpet. There’s not a great deal of variety in the home carpet cleaner field — most models are made by the same […]

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The Best TV Providers of 2020 |

If you’re looking to bundle the telecommunications trifecta — phone, internet, and TV — Charter Spectrum’s Triple Play bundle is hard to beat. First off, if you’re looking to switch from another provider, Spectrum will help Triple Play customers buyout their current contracts up to $500.

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The Best Frying Pans -

The Best Frying Pans For lots of home chefs, the best frying pan is going to be nonstick, oven-safe, and able to withstand some wear and tear. We consulted with the pros, then tested 10 best-in-class pans, flipping fried eggs, baking cornbread, and searing steak to see which were the least sticky and the most […]

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The Best Food Processors for 2020 |

The lid also locks the pitcher onto the base, and you won’t be able to remove the pitcher unless you take off the lid first. Heavy. The Cuisinart is the heaviest of our top picks, weighing a formidable 18lbs. — two pounds heavier than the Breville and 10 pounds heavier than the Hamilton. The weight of the Cuisinart could be a burden for

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The Best Water Filters -

Turn off the faucet and the filter defaults back to unfiltered water — a handy feature that’s unique among its competitors. Points to consider Weaker filter. Our biggest complaint about the Culligan is the shorter list of NSF-53 contaminants it filters out. It only catches four: lead, atrazine, cysts, and/or turbidity.

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