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10% off O next stay see the coupons page for more information on discount offer Enjoy the convenience and comfort of ADVERTISEMENT accomodations right on campus Backpacking the Ouachita Trail Trip (Begins) Backpacking the Ouachita Trail Trip (Ends) GOOD FRIDAY EASTER IM …

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(Archived) Association Offers New Benefits

“Everything is 10, 15, 20 percent or more off, and you get your membership dues back ten-fold. Even if it’s only $2 or $3 each time, your $35 (membership) will be covered in a year.” Among the benefits association members will receive include:

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Center To Offer A Dozen Money-Saving Sessions For …

The seventh annual week will kick off on Monday (Feb. 23) at 10 a.m. in the Lowman Student Center Mall Area, during which time students can meet The Learning Channel’s “Extreme Couponer” Tiffany Ivanosky.

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SHSU Update November

Sam Houston State University will kick off the holiday season by lighting up Bearkat Plaza during the 95th Annual Tree of Light Ceremony on Tuesday (Dec. 1). Students, faculty and staff can celebrate the spirit of the season with hot chocolate, wassail and cookies as university president Dana Hoyt lights the official SHSU tree, beginning at 6 p.m.

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Please e-mail your responses and any corrections to

tick off below to indicate that you have answered the query. Please return your input as instructed by the project manager. and coupons using a commercial goniometer with subde-gree accuracy and precision. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the confident use of the sessile drop tech-

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Seasonal Student Preparing for End of the Year Issues Move-Out

Food Coupons. A gift card for a local restaurant or grocery store could be very welcomed indeed, as your student might need to get off campus for a break during this intense time. Office Supplies. A new pack of highlighters or pens could certainly be put to good use! Just think about who your student is and what brings him comfort and care.

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Campus Resources

Emergency off-campus: 936-294-1000 (SHSU) or 911 (Walker County Communications Center) Print Services. For on-campus copying and printing, contact the Print Services. Providing year-round service for University students, faculty, and staff. All types of black and white as well as color copying, binding, fax services, and printing services are

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JCPenney Suit-Up Event

Receive an EXTRA 40% off men's and women's career dress apparel, accessories, and shoes. Everything you need for an interview or on the job. There will be prizes given away throughout the evening. Sephora will be providing mini makeovers and the salon will offer free consultations and discount coupons for future visits.

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Sam Houston State University Campus Parking Focus Groups

period of time (e.g., to drop off an item), and they take a chance by parking where they should not. C. Students understand potential plans to raise the fees of parking. However, they would Giving away coupons and/or cards good for one free day of parking. b. Having specific times when parking would be free (e.g., weekends, holidays, finals

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(Archived) Researchers Look For 'Green Solutions' For

The research is being performed on aluminum alloys, or “coupons,” sent by Pantex to mimic real parts. “The idea is similar to removing glue from a surface,” said chemistry major Trisha O’Bryon. “You want to be able to make the glue swell so it almost pops off.

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Events on Monday, February 20

Financial Literacy Week 2017 will kick off with a presentation by Gene Roberts, director of Student Legal and Mediation Services, and Patsy Collins, director

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Time Value of Money Tutorial

11 – 20 $400 million. If the discount rate is 10%, the present value of these three annuities can be estimated as follows: Present Value of the first annuity = $200 million x PV (A,10%,5) = $758 million. Present Value of the second annuity = $300 million x PV (A,10%,5) / 1.10 5 = $706 million. Present Value of the third annuity = $400 million

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A Holistic Approach to Education

Consumerism – using aps and bots, price matching, sales, coupons, credit card use Financial Management – rules of thumb (e.g., rule of 72, 80/20 rule, age based rule) Parenting skills (articles) – love and affection, relationship skills, education, behavior, discipline, religion

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'Literacy' Week To Help Students 'Thrive' Financially

During the kick-off event, from 10 a.m. to noon in the Lowman Student Center Mall Area, Ivanovsky and her husband Paul will promote her afternoon presentation by showing students how to effectively utilize coupons.

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Future Teachers Leave A Legacy Through ACE Class Project

To be an extreme couponer requires extreme dedication. O'Grady says you must collect tons of coupons, watch sale bills, price match at stores, and then present your coupons (and if the coupon doesn't say "one coupon per item," double up). Using this method, COE students were able to purchase $450 worth of supplies for around $15.

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Center Provides Tips For New Year Financial Goals

Money also can be saved by couponing. An hour of couponing a week can save $100, and there are new applications from grocery stores to download coupons to your cell phone or store courtesy card. Generic brands may also save you money, …

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Orientation Leaders Review 'The Power of Habit'

Have you ever wondered why the student mailboxes both on and off campus are constantly filled with coupons for fast food places and “buy one, get one” coupons for Kroger and Walmart? Our subconscious shopping habits as college students have allowed companies to basically tell us what we want to buy.

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March 2, 2014, update

Students also can participate in a “What will you catch?” fishing game and receive handouts, coupons and other information. On Wednesday (March 5), students can come and see “what’s between the sheets” with a game designed to raise awareness on sexually transmitted infections and diseases from 10 a.m. to noon in the LSC Mall Area.

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Nov. 30, 2014, update

“Taking time to search for coupons, online deals, or sales ads on gifts that you are looking for will save you money for a little time investment,” Rabon said. For more information, contact the Student Money Management Center at 936.294.2600 or Back to top . Satellite Exhibit To Capture 'Spirit Of The Times'

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