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Retro City Rampage DX Cheats and Cheat Codes, PlayStation 4

At MJ's Face-R-Us enter the following (case sensitive) coupon codes to unlock the corresponding character. Note: Press X to 'Enter Coupon Code'. Anthony Carboni: Enter 'CARBONI' Destructoid Staff: Enter 'DTOID' Electric Playground TV Hosts: Enter 'ELECPLAY' Epic Meal Time: Enter 'EMT' Gaijin Staff: Enter 'GAIJIN' John Romero: Enter 'ROMERO

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The Simpsons Game Cheats and Cheat Codes, Nintendo DS

To unlock items for Pet Homer and Clichés you must collect ALL the Duff Beer Caps, Krusty Koupons, Marge's Coupons, and Malibou Stacy Cards. Note: It is possible to go back to older levels to use new powers you have unlocked to get something you have missed.

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Pokemon Battle Revolution Cheats and Cheat Codes, Wii

By competing the game, you are aloud to buy a MYSTERY GIFT for 0 Poke coupons. Send a communication to the D.S.(YOU MUST NEED A SPARE SLOT TO DO THIS!!) Go To Your Party. There will Be A Lv.10 Pikachu,holding a light ball and knowing: Thunder Volt tackle Surf Double team

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World of Warships: Legends Cheats, Tips and Strategy

In order to get the Sleeping With The Fishes achievement/trophy you must destroy 50 enemy ships with your torpedoes in Standard battles. The easiest way to do this is to use destroyers as they tend to have more range and damage on their torpedoes than those on cruisers and some of the German battleships. Destroyers also have better camouflage

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Raiding Shinra HQ!

Grab the 'A Coupon' from the room to the left, and enter the air-duct. Crawl to the end on the top of the screen, and grab the 'B Coupon' from the room you land in. Now just walk out the room, to the left, open the door, and grab the 'C Coupon' from the room. Crawl back in the air-duct, and exit by the right.

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Cadence of Hyrule Walkthrough and Guide

Cadence of Hyrule is a spin-off and crossover of Crypt of the NecroDancer with The Legend of Zelda. It combines the rhythm-based movement fighting mechanics of NecroDancer with the settings, characters, and music from The Legend of Zelda series. Cadence of Hyrule is a top-down, roguelike RPG where you are forced to move around the map to the

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Survivors: The Quest Questions and Answers, Android

Where can I find the rubber mat at base level. Underground elevator. What is the pattern to diverge power supply to open the elevator? I've.. Where's the second water bottle for the sick lady. I can't find the water bottle that I need for the sick lady in the ten.. Code to door on mountain. Need code to open the door. Where's the generator.

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Hay Day Questions and Answers, iPhone/iPad, Android

Questions and Answers for Hay Day. Home. We have 910 questions and 1,516 Hay Day answers. Scroll down to see all of the Q&A, or use the box below to add your own.

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Part I: Prologue & Tutorial

There is a backstory here though -- you see this feud started when Ernie gave Peter an expired coupon, as illustrated in the episode "Da Boom." As a result o f this negative experience, Peter no longer accepts coupons from Chickens Naturally. City-Building Game Family Guy: Quest for Stuff is a City Building Game that functions by timers

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Action Replay Code Guide For Platinum.

From there you have action replay code manager. Go to my custom codelist and click add new code list then hit add new game when you right click. Name your new game pokemon platinum and it will ask you for the game I.D. It is CPUE-DO74D1B3. Then plug in your action replay into your computer with the cord you got with the action replay.

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Best GameShark Codes game shark code for Pokemon Mega …

Mastercode: 00006FA7 000A 1006AF88 0007. Enter code: 83007CF6 XXXX and replace XXXX with your chosen Pokemon ID. 0090 = Articuno. 0091 = Zapdos. 0092 = Moltres. 0096 = Mewtwo. 0097 = Mew. 00f3 = Raikou.

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Optimal Coin Farming

Classy Office = $1,050. Sleek Office = $1,225+. See-Through Office = $1,400. A conservative assessment taking into account the bumps for structures for the next two Districts suggests a reasonable target in the range of around $60,000, but a short range goal of half that will still keep the average player engaged.

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Final Fantasy VII

by KADFC. Lowest Level Possible Challenge FAQ/Walkthrough & EXP REQUIREMENTS/MECHANICS This challenge shall be known as LLP (Lowest Level Possible) Game Added Later: Divided into 2 different challenges - Lowest Average Level (LAL) and Lowest Level Party (LLP) Created By: KADFC First Started Writing This On: Monday, April 26 2004 at …

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